Parking Passes - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to request a parking pass at least one week in advance?

It is important to request the pass well in advance of your guest’s visit in order to allow for adequate processing time. The EE coordinator must request the parking voucher from Parking Services, who have their own processing times.

Can I request a parking pass several months in advance of the guest's visit?

If you request the pass more than 1 month in advance of your guest's visit, please note that it will not be processed until closer to the date of your guest's visit. This is done in order to avoid having unused passes due cancellations.

I need to request a parking pass on less than one week’s notice- what do I do?

Please contact the EE Coordinator.

What do I do with the parking pass if it is not used (e.g. if my guest cancels)?

If your guest has simply rescheduled, feel free to use the parking pass on the new scheduled date (as long as it is before the expiry date stated on the pass). Passes are non-refundable, so if you will not reschedule the visit please return the pass to the EE coordinator (by campus mail or in person) so that it can be used by someone else.

Can I use this parking pass in any parking garage?

The parking pass you receive can only be used for the designated garage, so you must let your guest know where they should park in advance of their visit. If you do not indicate which parking garage you prefer, you will receive a pass for the Arboretum Lane parking garage.

How do I request an accessible parking spot?

Accessible parking spots are available at all three parking garages. If your guest has a Ministry of Transportation issued plaque indicating they need an accessible spot, they can simply park in the designated spot and display their plaque. If your guest does not have a plaque, but requires accessible parking, please let the EE coordinator know at the time of your request.

I have previously requested a pass for this course: do I still need to complete the request form?

In order to streamline the process, a question has been added to the request form asking you to indicate if you have previously requested a pass for the same course. If that is the case, you will be allowed to skip certain questions on the form.

My course learning outcomes are already included in my syllabus, so why do I need to include them in the request form?

EE activities are ones that help students to achieve specific course learning outcomes. The EE coordinator does not have access to your course syllabus, unless it is publicly available on a Faculty of Health website. If you prefer, you can provide the EE Coordinator with a link to your syllabus and with a reference to the specific learning outcomes addressed in the activity (e.g. learning outcome 1 & 2). In addition, it will not always be possible to determine which of the several course learning outcomes a specific EE activity will help students achieve.

The EE activity this guest will support is not listed among the options in the form. Does this mean I can’t request a parking pass?

You may still be eligible to receive a parking pass for your guest. You can select the “other” option, and outline the EE activity. Alternatively, you may contact the EE coordinator to discuss the activity and determine whether it will be eligible.

Where can I find resources to help me write course learning outcomes?

The resources section on the Parking Pass request page contains links to helpful resources.

Where can I find resources to help me incorporate reflection activities?

The resources section on the Parking Pass request page contains links to helpful resources.