Graduate Student Short Course and Workshop Funds Guidelines

Eligibility and Award Criteria

  • Applicants must be registered as full-time graduate students in the Faculty of Health at the time of their application AND at the time of the short course or workshop.
  • Applicants must be attending a short course or workshop that is directly related to their current graduate research.
  • These awards are intended to support research skill acquisition that cannot be attained through regular course work. Courses or workshops covering material already offered on campus are not eligible. Language courses are not eligible.
  • These awards are intended to offset expenses for short courses or workshops with substantial costs. Applications for small amounts are discouraged.
  • These awards are not intended to support regular conference travel. Applicants who plan to attend a workshop that is part of a conference may only request funding for the cost of the workshop plus any additional accommodation expenses required to attend the workshop. The costs of attending and traveling to a conference are not eligible.
  • Applicants cannot apply for funding for short courses or workshops that will be covered through any other sources. Applicants may apply to this competition for some course-related expenses and have different course-related expenses covered through other sources. For example, an applicant may have their registration fees and accommodation funded through this competition, and their transportation costs funded elsewhere.
  • Short Course and Workshop Funds will not be awarded retroactively. Only courses beginning on or after the competition deadline date are eligible.

Please note that while students may apply in consecutive years, applications received in consecutive years will be given lower priority. Preference will be given to PhD students.

Application Process

One hard copy of the complete application and all supporting documentation must be submitted to the Faculty of Health Research Support Office. A complete application consists of:

  • A signed application form with course and budget details (form below).
  • A signed attestation by the applicant’s supervisor (part of the form below).
  • Proof of registration for the short course or workshop. If registration is not yet open, or you have not yet been accepted into the course, the details of the course will be accepted for application purposes, but proof of registration will be required before the funds will be released.
  • Supporting documentation to substantiate the short course or workshop expenses. Supporting documentation must be included for all anticipated expenses for which you are requesting funds (i.e. a description of the course and fee schedule, return transportation by the most economical means, and/or local accommodation).

We encourage you to look at our example application to see what a complete application looks like, and help answer any questions you may have.

Incomplete applications and late applications will not be considered.


Applications will be considered once a year on February 20. If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holiday, applications will be accepted on the next working day. Please submit the application form and all supporting documentation to the Faculty of Health Research Support Office, 428 HNES (Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies building).

Award Process

It is anticipated that approximately (10) awards will be made each year. Applications for Graduate Student Short Course and Workshop Funds will receive an administrative review by the Faculty of Health Research Support Office. Recipients of this award will be selected at random from amongst those applicants who are deemed to meet the eligibility criteria through the administrative review. All applicants will receive an email notification of the outcome of their application. Awarded funds will be posted to the student account of each successful applicant. Applicants must keep all related receipts and correspondence for six months following the course, and may be asked to produce receipts for audit purposes.


For more information, please contact the Administrative Secretary in the Research Support Office at extension 21006 or by email at